Services and Costs



2018 Prices for Processing




Broiler Processing Prices per Chicken:


Whole and Unbagged up to 5 lbs           $1.75 each


Whole and Bagged up to 5 lbs                 $2.50 each 


Cutup and Unbagged                                 $3.75 each


Cutup and Bagged                                       $3.95 each  

**Please note we do not cutup any chickens over 5 lbs.


Large Broilers (over 5 lbs) Bagged                     $.43 per dressed lb. 

Large Broilers (over 5 lbs) Unbagged               $.33 per dressed lb.


An example of how we will charge for large broilers is:  Bring in 50 broilers for processing and we will weigh them collectively after they are processed. So let's say that your 50 broilers weigh a total of 332 lbs and you get them bagged. You will be charged 332 x .43 cents per lb.  Total $142.76.


 We have our plain freezer bags back in stock!

Nice thick 2 Mil. freezer bags   $.20 each      --        $15.00 per 100       --       $100.00 per 1000.


We sell ice in 21 lb. bags. $4.50 per bag.

Processing Prices for Chickens that are NOT Broilers:


This includes: all laying hens, non-laying hens, old mean roosters, nice young roosters, bantams and guineas.


$3.50 bagged

$3.00 unbagged

Ducks  Whole and Bagged            $6.00


Geese Whole and Bagged              $10.00


Turkeys Bagged up to 18 lbs        $7.00.


Turkeys over 16 lbs                          $.38 per dressed lb.             





***Please note there is a $10 Iowa Regulatory Compliance Fee on every processing batch, no matter the quantity being processed.