Now Offering:Organic and Non-Organic Feed

Duncan's Poultry proudly sells Hubbard feeds.


We have found that Hubbard feed ranks top in its' class for performance in growing meat birds, layers, turkeys, ducks and geese. We have also found that Hubbard's 20% meat bird broiler feed can raise a 5-7 pound chicken in about 6 weeks.



Duncan's Poultry Monster Mash


In 2015 we formulated our own broiler mash mix. It has been a huge success!! Our Monster Mash is economical and it produces great results. Our customers have spoken positively about it so we are offering it to you again this year.  Monster Mash has 21% protein and comes in 50 lb. bags or large bulk bags.  This feed will turn the cute little fuzzy chicks into monsters in about 6 weeks!

2018 Feed Prices


 Duncans Monster Broiler Mash 21%

               Grower Mash             $12.99 for 50 lbs.   $.23 cents per lb. in Bulk

               Organic Mash            $27.95 for 50 lbs.   $.52 cents per lb. in Bulk

Duncans  Egg-streme Layer Mash  17%

                Layer Mash                 $13.49 for 50 lbs    $.23 cents per lb. in Bulk



Hubbard Feed                      

               20% Starter Crumble          $14.99 for 50 lbs.

               26% Turkey Starter             $16.99 for 50 lbs.

               17% Layer Crumble             $14.25 for 50 lbs.


** Feed Prices are Subject to Change without Notice.


To save you even more $$$


Feed is now available in reusable bulk bags. These Super Sack Tote bags have a tied duffel top and a spout on the bottom. They will hold up to 2000 lbs., the minimum we will put in them is 700 lbs. 


Excludes Hubbard feeds.





Baby Chicks

Duncan's Poultry offers a large variety of baby chicks for your backyard needs. We offer selected types of layers and, of course, meat bird broilers. Our 2018 Chick prices, picked up at our store, are as follows:



Cornish Rock Broiler Chicks                                      Straight Run        $1.35


Cornish Rock Broiler Chicks                                       Pullets                   $1.35


Cornish Rock Broiler Chicks                                      Cockerels              $1.59


To view our selection of Brown Egg Layer Chicks click here

To view our selection of White Egg Layer Chicks click here


Call today to order your broiler chicks or visit our Estore to place your order.


VERY IMPORTANT - To Insure availability please order your chicks as far in advance as possible!


NOTICE!  There will be a minimum order requirement on all chick orders of 15 chicks.  For Ducks and Turkey Poults the minimum will be 5. You can mix and match on the breeds of chicks you order. 





Turkey Poults

Super Deal ~ Straight Run ~  Clipped Toenails

5.00 Each!!!  The pickup dates for 2018 are

July 16th and August 13th.


 We sold a lot of these turkeys last year and people had great success.  There are limited quantities, so please order soon! 


To view our selection of broad breasted white turkey poults click here.

To view our selection of broad breasted bronze turkey poults click here.  

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