Broiler Chickens
Broiler Chickens

Duncan's Poultry LLC was founded 30 years ago as a small poultry processing plant. It has grown over the years into a one stop poultry service. We currently offer poultry processing services, baby chicks, chicken feed and all the supplies you need to raise poultry.  New for 2017 and opening in March is our new "Old Time" Feed Store. You will find we have everything you could ever want for your flock! A huge selection of feeders, waterers, nest boxes, feed supplements and all things poultry, not to mention a knowledgeable and friendly staff to answer all of your bird related questions.


Poultry Processing Facts


  • We pride ourselves in our on site poultry processing. 
  • We process poultry in a state of the art, state inspected processing plant, under (CUSTOM EXEMPT) status. 
  • Your poultry is processed while you wait!
  • We process by appointment only. 
  • The first appointment of the day is at 6:00AM and the last appointment each day is at 12:00 Noon.
  • We can easily process 100 broiler chickens per hour. 
  • We also process ducks, geese, pheasants and turkeys.

 Click the link to view our competitive and affordable processing prices.  


About Our State License.  We are a state licensed and inspected plant, under (CUSTOM EXEMPT) status. This means that poultry that we process CANNOT be sold in stores or restaurants. You CAN sell them from person to person but you MUST sell them live to your customer. Then you may bring them to us for slaughter and return them to your customer ready for eating or freezing. More on this can be found here at the Iowa Department of Ag.  http://www.iowaagriculture.gov/meatAndPoultry/slaughter_Processing.asp




Do you need baby chicks? No problem we can order them for you. Do you need to know what kind of chicken to raise for meat or for laying? We would be happy to answer all your questions. Just give us a call or send us an email. 


Common Questions Answered:


What is the best breed of chicken to raise for my family to eat?  

The Cornish rock cross also known as a broiler, is the best meat type bird to raise. Did you know that a Cornish rock cross or broilers will, if the right feed and nutrition is given to them, grow to 7 pounds in 7 weeks! Isn't that incredible?


How much feed will I need to raise broilers to processing weight? It will take about 12 pounds of feed per chicken to accomplish this task.


Can I purchase broiler chicks from Duncan's Poultry? Absolutely! We offer pullets (females), straight run (mix of males and females) and cockerels (male) chicks.


Can I also purchase layer chicks from Duncan's Poultry? 

 We can order most breeds. Please ask when placing your order. 


What about other poultry such as ducks, geese and turkeys? Can I order these as well? Yes, but unlike the broiler chicks and layers, the hatch dates for ducks, geese and baby turkeys are limited. Please ask about these dates when placing your order. 



Do you need feed for your chickens? We sell and usually have great sales on feed. We offer Hubbard feeds for layers and meat chickens as well as turkeys, ducks and geese. We also offer Duncan's Monster Mash. It is our own 21% protein blend to help you successful raise broilers. Duncan's Egg-Stream 17% layer feed is the other option we offer you for feed.  


Organic feed now available!

Duncan's Poultry now offers Organic feed for feeding broiler chickens, it is a 22% protein mash feed for starting and growing broilers. Check out our feed price information link HERE


We also carry a full line of poultry raising equipment including feeders and waters of all size.


So call us today and book your appointment! And don't forget to ask all the questions you may have, we are here to help!